Sunday, June 5, 2011

CCleaner - Easily clear the junk files out of your computer 10/10

Taking a break from the nightmare scenarios of Facebook and Email hijacking, I want to promote a sweet little free program that I've been using for years. CCleaner is a very easy way to keep your computer from accumulating junk files over time, which wastes harddrive space and can slow performance. It runs quickly (the first time may be slower because there's more garbage scattered around your computer than there ever will be again), effortlessly, without much input from you, and in several years of use has never once deleted files that it shouldn't have on any of my computers. It empties your trash folder, which I for one always forget to do. It's a nice feeling when it reports that it's eliminated 400 MB or some large amount of unnecessary files. I've been using CCleaner consistently for many years so I rarely have much accumulated junk, but on a computer that has never been cleaned you may eliminated several Gigabytes of waste and significantly improve performance.

I suppose I should give ratings? 10/10. This program does a few things and does them extremely well, easily and for free. (When you go to the page it will ask for a donation, and if you can afford to give by all means do, but below and to the right there are links to download without paying.)

This program is updated frequently so if you tell it to notify you when there is an update this will happen a lot. Updating is just a matter of downloading the newer version and installing over, you don't have to uninstall the old version. Generally speaking it's a good to keep your programs updated for better functionality and improved security.

As far as I know, CCleaner only runs on Windows computers. Google suggests "Cocktail" and "Onyx" as Mac OSX equivalents, but never having used them I have no information to share. Check the linked descriptions and reviews.

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